Pretraži našu raznovrsnu mrežu mentorica, suradnica i poduzetnica da bi pronašla odgovore na svoja pitanja

Impact Hub Zagreb, Director and Co-founder

Hermes Arriaga

Hermes has 10 years experienced in the private sector (corporate and SMEs) has combined technical and commercial skills to successfully initiate business, developed successful sales processes, built partnerships and a track record on business development and management. He has a natural-born talent for project steering, he supports and mentors early stage entrepreneurs and provides business strategy consulting to several organizations. Hermes understands the value and importance of cultural differences and local contexts and always approach project’s challenges with a global perspective. He got a special affection for entrepreneurship and social change, as an entrepreneur and networker, he has initiated two NGOs working on social development in Croatia a company in the hospitality sector in Mexico and Impact Hub Zagreb, a company in the social innovation and entrepreneurship support sectors in the Balkan region, where he is currently director. He works on building a better ecosystem of support for entrepreneurs while being an engineer by theory and a creative thinker by practice.