Nothing can dim the light that shines from within!

If an invention is a pebble tossed in the pond, innovation is the rippling effect that the pebble causes. Someone has to toss the pebble. That's the inventor. Someone has to recognize the ripple will eventually become a wave. That's the Innovator/Entrepreneur - me. I don't stop at the water's edge. I watch the ripples and spot the next big wave before it happens. It's the act of anticipating and riding that "next big wave" that drives the innovative nature in every Entrepreneur.

I will never apologize for being a strong woman. My personal dedication, as well as my passion for development and innovation, is second to none. I can see from others that I give them faith in the possibility of creating positive change as a female entrepreneur, because I am focused on export and conquering the global market with new and innovative Croatian products, such as my premium natural nutrition supplement made from goat and mare milk with the addition of Mediterranean Herbs: IMUNOALFA – an immune product embodied in the power of nature and that has won the International Gold Medal for Innovation. In 2019 I have won the CROATIAN WOMEN OF INFLUENCE AWARD. This prestigious award did not come by chance. It is structured upon positivity, optimism faith, persistence and perseverance…and of course, a strong team of carefully selected associates, regardless whether they are young or older. What matters is the quality of the person, the amount of curiosity, the amount of passion we all put in the “big picture”. For me and for all of them, this award is a huge responsibility and it will give me an even bigger incentive to think, create and develop and if I can help another woman to reach her goal, that would an, even more, greater reward. 

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