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Writing - a fundamental business skill

Od Maja Škvorc | 12.10.2017 | Rubrike - Učim

Writing - a fundamental business skill

Why would writing be important when doing business?

We all know that there isn't a company, big or small, that doesn't depend on words. A coffee place needs to write something smart and quirky on their board to invite customers in. A small business needs to write an interesting advert or a catchphrase to promote themselves.

Yes, all of that is marketing, and yes, big companies spend a lot of money on it. They also spend a significant amount of time on coming up with that "just right" combination of words, be it for formal e-mails, business contracts, web page content or copywriting.

We live in a storyfied world, we always have, and the only thing that has changed is the medium. The importance of stories has always been there. None are immune to the magic of stories, however they be told; through words, pictures, sounds. Movies or melodies? Yes, they all begin as stories.

Every business has a story. Learning how to write it and tell it is essential in the contemporary business landscape. And I enjoy teaching that writing skill the fun way - by teaching fiction writing and fiction publishing. This is why I love that I have had a chance to do my self-publishing workshop at

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